A technician in a hard hat and plaid shirt installing solar panels on a rooftop at sunset, with the sky fading from warm orange to deep blue.
St. City Electrical
Your Premier Solar and Electrical Solutions Provider in St. Albert and Greater Surrounding Areas

With 20 Years of Experience, St. City Electrical brings two decades of unmatched expertise to every project, setting the standard for innovation and reliability.

Turning sunlight into your asset. We install solar, you save money!

Close-up of solar panels with a reflective surface showing the sky’s blue hue, angled to capture the sunlight, with a clear, soft gradient sky in the background.

Net Zero Retrofits

At St. City Electrical, we Design and Build top-tier solar panels for homes, farms, and businesses. With decades of industry expertise, we proudly stand as your trusted net-zero experts, committed to steering you towards solar success. Whether your preference lies in grid-tied, hybrid, or off-grid solutions, we offer reliable information and cost-effective options tailored to meet your unique energy needs.

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Array of solar panels installed on a rooftop, with a shallow depth of field focusing on the reflective surfaces, surrounded by a clear blue sky and distant trees.

Home Solutions

Experience the pinnacle of residential solar with St. City Electrical. Our proficiency extends to wiring net-zero custom homes, and ensuring that your new home's electrical systems are installed with unparalleled skills and craftsmanship. Collaborate closely with our team as we meticulously examine every detail of your residential project, delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations.

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Solar panels installed on a rooftop, with rows of panels visible converging in the center, flanked by evergreen trees and residential buildings in the background under a clear blue sky.

Business Solutions

Choose St. City Electrical as your go-to electrical contractor in the Edmonton Area. We specialize in providing businesses with energy offset with expertise in retail, restaurants, offices, warehouses, and tenant improvements. Count on us to finish your project on time and within budget, with your satisfaction as our top priority.

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Solar panels mounted on the roof of a wooden barn with horses sheltered underneath, in a pastoral farm setting.

Farm Solutions

The benefits of solar energy for farms are undeniable. From reducing operating costs to enhancing environmental sustainability, solar power offers a myriad of advantages for agricultural operations. As we look towards a more sustainable future, embracing solar energy is not just a choice—it's a smart investment in the long-term viability and prosperity of our farms and communities. Join the solar revolution today and unlock the full potential of your farm with clean, renewable energy.

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Neatly organized electrical cables in blue, grey, yellow, and orange colors secured with cable ties, running into a white electrical service panel with a 'St. City Electrical' logo.

Panel Upgrades

For efficient handling of electrical tasks and repairs, trust St. City Electrical's master electricians. We ensure quick and comprehensive solutions, saving you time and money. Our wide-ranging expertise and popular services include panel upgrades, service upgrades, car charger installations, hot tub connections, heat pumps, lighting upgrades, basement wiring, and full net zero retrofits.

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